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Canadian Representatives in Kenya - Nairobi

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Kenya - Nairobi
(Republic of Kenya)

The High Commission of Canada to Kenya

Street Address
The High Commission of Canada
Limuru Road, Gigiri
Nairobi, Kenya
Postal Address
The High Commission of Canada
P.O. Box 1013
00621 Nairobi, Kenya

(+254 20) 366 3000

High Commissioner Mr David Angell
Minister-Counsellor (Immigration) Mr W. Farrell
Counsellor (Management) and Consul MS A. Cleminson
Defence Attaché Col B. Southern
First Secretary MS F. Musani
First Secretary (Management) and Consul  M. Lheureux
First Secretary (Management Consular Services) Mr W. Melanson
First Secretary (Immigration) MS M. Tam
Second Secretary (Immigration)  E. Pourbaix
Second Secretary WO G. Mallet
Second Secretary MS J. Mills
Second Secretary Mrs F. Cousineau
Second Secretary (Immigration)  A. Marchylo
Counsellor  H. Neuwirth
Counsellor Mr E. OConnor
Second Secretary (Immigration) Mrs J. Donoso
Counsellor (Political) Mr J. Christoff
First Secretary  E. Caron
Second Secretary Mr A. Daniels
First Secretary (Development) Mr L. Morrissette
Second Secretary  P. Létourneau
First Secretary Mr M. Roy
Second Secretary LS S. Tippett
Attaché  R. Grant
Second Secretary Cpl F. Cormier
Second Secretary Cpl K. Leonard
Second Secretary Cpl S. Brousseau
Second Secretary  R. Cattell
First Secretary  D. Bondurant

* Based in Juba, South Sudan


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