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Canadian Representatives in Jordan - Amman

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Jordan - Amman
(Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan)

The Embassy of Canada to Jordan

Street Address
The Embassy of Canada
Pearl of Shmeisani Bldg.
Shmeisani, Amman, Jordan
Postal Address
The Embassy of Canada
P.O. Box 815403
Amman 11180, Jordan

(011 962 6) 520 3300

Development Fax
(011 962 6) 520 3394

Immigration Fax
(011 962 6) 520 3392

Political Fax
(011 962 6) 520 3390

Ambassador Mr M. Gwozdecky
Counsellor Mr S. Pomel
Attaché MWO P. Turcotte
Counsellor (Commercial) * Mr P. Boulanger
First Secretary (Immigration) * Mr D. Barr
First Secretary (Immigration) * Mr W. Hetherington
First Secretary (Immigration) * Mr J. Miklos
Second Secretary (Immigration) * Mr A. Bernier
First Secretary (Immigration) * Ms L. A. Proehl
Counsellor ** Mr T. Eddy
Second Secretary (Immigration) * Ms K. Trembath
Attaché * Mr P. McPeak
 Ms Nicole Demers
 Mr Perry Samoyloff
 Mr Stéphane Beaulieu
 Mr Khalid Gebirrebbi
 Mr Harsha Sirur
  Julie Lamadeleine
 Ms Catherine Gerin-Lajoie
  Joelle Parent
  Sulafa Mdanat
 Mr Jean-Philippe Tachdjian
Counsellor and Consul Mr J. L. Bastien
Acting High Commissioner Mr G. Blachford
Counsellor (Immigration)  B. Beaupré
Acting High Commissioner  B. Beaupré
 Ms Cindy Kleiman
 WO Danny Parent
Counsellor (Immigration) Mr G. Watson
 Ms Kara Mitchell
Second Secretary (Immigration) Ms S. Upton
First Secretary (Immigration) Ms S. Upton
First Secretary (Immigration) Ms S. Upton
Acting High Commissioner Ms S. Upton
Acting High Commissioner Ms S. Duhaime
 Mr Michael Callan
Counsellor (Development) Mr M. Callan
Counsellor Mr C. Labelle
 Ms Meaghan King
 Ms Rory Ridler
Second Secretary (Immigration) Mr M. Purdon
  Nagy Benyamein
 Mr Marc-André Leblanc
  Shehryar Sarwar
  Matt Nazaroff
Counsellor Mr A. Essak
 Mr Bruno Saccomani
  Ian Pedley
  Marc O'Ray
  James Armstrong

* Resident in Damascus
** Resident in Beirut


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