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Canadian Representatives in Ethiopia - Addis Ababa

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Ethiopia - Addis Ababa
(Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia)

The Embassy of Canada to Ethiopia

Street Address
The Embassy of Canada
Old Airport Area, Nefas Silk Lafto Sub City
Kebele 04, House No. 122, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Postal Address
The Embassy of Canada
P.O. Box 1130
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


General Fax

Counsellor (Development) ***  E. Wega
Counsellor and Consul * Mr I. Trites
Counsellor (Development) * Mr A. Spezowka
Counsellor (Development) ***  S. Lane
First Secretary (Development) * Ms I. Hentic
First Secretary (Development) Mr M. de Groot
First Secretary (Development)  M. Byers
First Secretary Ms M. van Nie
Second Secretary and Vice-Consul Ms K. Mintz
 Ms Emily Adcock
 Mr Christopher Hull
  Sherry Hornung
  Harriet Roos
  Marta Oprisan
 Mr Robert Bunbury
 Mr Stefan Paquette
  Caroline Albert
Acting High Commissioner Mr I. Hardy
 Mr David Usher
First Secretary Mr M. Friesen
Third Secretary (Political) Mr M. Friesen
First Secretary Mr V. Charron
Attaché Ms S. Mazerolle
  Christopher Demerse
Second Secretary (Development) Mr T. Huszar
First Secretary (Development) Ms C. Kinsey
Second Secretary (Development)  C. Gilbreth
 Mrs Abebech Assefa
  Erin Koenig
First Secretary (Administration) Ms E. Kimmell
  Stéphane Roberge
  Andrew Hurst
  Amy Baker
  Corry Van Gaal
  Erick Ordeman
  Jennifer Bloom
  Rhonda Friedman

* Concurrent accreditation to Djibouti
** Concurrent accreditation to Djibouti and The African Union
*** Concurrent accreditation to Djibouti and Sudan


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